• At Eriksgården, it’s all about berries! We grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The berries can be eaten at our popular berry buffet, bought at our farm shop, or you can pick them yourself. In our courtyard we have a large playground for both young and old. Welcome!

        • DISCOVER
          At the farm, you can play, explore, and learn more about our berry cultivation. There's something for everyone!

        • EAT
          You may choose something from the à la carte menu, indulge in our berry buffet or try a Swedish fika.

        • SHOP
          Besides our berries, which you can pick yourself or buy readily picked, there is something for everyone at our farm shop.

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At the farm, you can play, explore, and learn more about our berry cultivation.

Play on the playground

After a few years at the farm, we felt that something was missing for our youngest guests. So in 2016 we remodelled our courtyard into a playground. The idea was to create a place that inspires playing in a rustic environment with berry elements. Here you can slide down the slide, swing on the swing, climb on the obstacle course, jump on the trampoline, jump into the straw pile, and much more.
The playground is suitable for both young and old. It is only available during our usual opening times.


At the farm we offer several seating options, both indoors and outdoors.

Coming into our main building, which used to be part of our oldest stable, you will find a dining hall with approximately 80 seats. This is where all orders are placed at the cash desk. 

Directly adjoining the dining hall is our south-facing glass veranda, which has café-style furnishings and seats approximately 25 people.

From the dining hall and through the berry buffet room, you will access the west-facing glass veranda with approximately 45 seating places.

Outside the dining hall is our inner courtyard where there are approximately 70 seats, both on the wooden deck and on the lawn.

In the playground and farm shop area, there are seats both in the pavilion and out in the open. Here we have approximately 120 seating places.

At the farm entrance, you will find our pergola, where dogs are welcome. It is canopied and seats approximately 40.

Unfortunately, we cannot make table reservations.

Berry production

Our production is comprised of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries spread over around 20 hectares. Strawberries, which are our biggest production, are being grown on around 17 hectares. All of the raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, as well as the main strawberry crop, are being cultivated in polytunnels. This type of cultivation has many advantages. 

The polytunnels offer protection so that the plant or the berries are not affected by external factors such as rain. This increases the quality of the berries and minimises the incidence of grey mould. To be able to harvest strawberries both early and late in the season, polytunnels are an absolute necessity.