• At Eriksgården, it’s all about berries! We grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The berries can be eaten at our popular berry buffet, bought at our farm shop, or you can pick them yourself. In our courtyard we have a large playground for both young and old. Welcome!

        • DISCOVER
          At the farm, you can play, explore, and learn more about our berry cultivation. There's something for everyone!

        • EAT
          You may choose something from the à la carte menu, indulge in our berry buffet or try a Swedish fika.

        • SHOP
          Besides our berries, which you can pick yourself or buy readily picked, there is something for everyone at our farm shop.

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You may choose something from the menu, indulge in our berry buffet, or try a Swedish fika.


At Eriksgården, we cook food from scratch using the best ingredients. We serve á la carte Monday to Sunday during summer. You may top off your meal with a glass of good wine or a cold beer (we have comprehensive licensing).

Berry buffet

At our berry buffet, you may indulge in our self-grown berries, ice cream, soft ice cream, strawberry sorbet, cream, different coulis and sauces, various toppings and sprinkles, raw jam, home-baked meringues and florentines.

The season starts out at the berry buffet with strawberries. They are later joined, as they ripen, by raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. For up-to-date information about which berry types are being served at the berry buffet, visit our Facebook page.

Adults: 150 kr/person
Children 4-9 years: 95 kr/person
Children 0-3 years: 35 kr/person

Swedish fika

At our restaurant, besides the á la carte menu and the berry buffet, you may even choose to have a hot or cold drink with our home-baked goods. To drink, we offer our own strawberry and raspberry cordial, beverages from Sövde Museri, as well as soft drinks and water. We serve the exquisite Fogarolli coffee and hot chocolate.