• At Eriksgården, it’s all about berries! We grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The berries can be eaten at our popular berry buffet, bought at our farm shop, or you can pick them yourself. In our courtyard we have a large playground for both young and old. Welcome!

        • DISCOVER
          At the farm, you can play, explore, and learn more about our berry cultivation. There's something for everyone!

        • EAT
          You may choose something from the à la carte menu, indulge in our berry buffet or try a Swedish fika.

        • SHOP
          Besides our berries, which you can pick yourself or buy readily picked, there is something for everyone at our farm shop.

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Besides our berries, which you can pick yourself or buy readily picked, there is something for everyone at our farm shop.

Farm shop

We hope that there will be something to please every taste at our farm shop. In season you can buy freshly picked berries from our own production. The berry season lasts from May to October. Our berries are also available preserved as jams and cordials. 

We also carry fine cheeses, charcuterie products, and locally crafted artisanal foods. Our shop offers decorations to complement your home from brands such as Gynning Design, Plåtdjur, Ib Larsen, and Shepherd. The children have their own corner with books, games, toys, etc.
Current opening hours

Buy berries

In season, which runs from the middle of April to September/October, you may purchase our self-grown berries in the farmshop.

Most of the berries we pick go to ICA (centrally) via the member organisation Sydgrönt, of which we are a member. You can also find our berries at local retailers and wholesalers.

In 2022 we deliver to the following customers:

Ica Nära Vollsjö
Ica Nära Lövestad
Ica Nära Harlösa
Ica Nära Genarp
Ica Nära Sankt Olof
Ica Nära Häggs Livs Gärsnäs
Ica Nära Ge-Ma Livs Köpingebro
Ica Nära Löberöd
Ica Supermarket Sjöbo
Ica Supermarket Fäladstorget Lund
Ica Supermarket Ystad
Ica Supermarket Kivik
Ica Supermarket Borby
Ica Supermarket Hammenhög
Ica Kvantum Sjöbo
Ica Kvantum Tomelilla
Ica Kvantum Ystad
Ica Kvantum Eslöv
Handlarn I Löderup
Skafferiet Veberöd
Tempo Blentarp
Nilssons Livs Veberöd
Bengt Andersson Torget Ystad
Frukt & Grönsakshallen Malmö
Sydgrönt (Ica centrallager)

Pick-your-own berries

Something that is becoming more and more popular is our pick-your-own berries option. You may come and pick strawberries, grown both in the field and in the polytunnels. Our raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are cultivated in polytunnels, which means that they can be picked even when it's raining. You may bring your own containers for picking, otherwise we can provide containers.

Gift card

You may purchase here a digital gift card for an experience at Eriksgården. The gift card can be used at our restaurant, berry buffet, farm shop, or even for pick-your-own. 

After choosing the amount, indicate whether you are buying the gift card for yourself or for someone else. Fill in the rest of the information and the payment details and the gift card will be sent by email!